Write solutions to the environmental problems given using the phrases below

D. Write solutions to the environmental problems given using the phrases below.

  • reduce the use of aerosols
  • use alternative sources of energy
  • use public transport
  • have stricter punishments for illegal hunting
  • be more concerned about energy consumption
  • plant more trees and control the number of trees that are cut down
  • walk or cycle to school

E.g. Global warming is causing a change in the world’s climate:
We should reduce the use of aerosols and use alternative sources of energy.

  1. Too much traffic causes very poor air quality in cities:

  2. Overfishing causes many fish species to be wiped out:

  3. Non-renewable energy sources are not infinite and cause many environmental problems:

  1. High carbon footprint causes extreme weather conditions:

  2. People are cutting down trees and finishing up the natural resources, so the ecological balance of the Earth has been disturbed:

E. Put the jumbled letter of complaint into the correct order. Write the numbers.

___ I trust that you understand the urgency of this issue and make it a priority since the conditions in our neighborhood
are getting worse day by day. I’m sure that you will do your best and take some appropriate actions against this issue,
such as creating community payback plans that focus on litter removal or reviewing the case for higher punishments for

___ Yours sincerely,

Darcie EVANS
1_ Pine Street, 7A / 5

___ Dear Sir/Madam,

___ I’ve been living in this neighborhood for five years. The irregular and unscheduled litter-pick-up issue has resulted in huge litter pileups, a terrible smell, and unsanitary conditions recently. Due to these unhealthy conditions, my neighbors have become seriously sick, and I’m concerned about the health and safety of my family members and the other residents.

___ Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

___ 4 June 2022

___ I’m a resident of Adamstown, in Cardiff. I’m writing this letter to address a serious environmental problem in our

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