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Yazan: erkan_59 Puan : 50 kp 4 Ocak '06 01:46  
I had 70 questions, and with 90 minutes allowed for completing it. The passing score was 68% (I got a 78%). Coming from a Micro$oft background, the test was a challenge. There were a lot of "tricky" questions, to be sure!

First, for all you MCSE-types, there is a little overlap with the Networking Essentials exam and the TCP/IP exam, except with a little more intensity. Definitely know your OSI Model – upwards and downwards. I had several questions about the Presentation and Session layer, in addition to the easy-to-recognize Network and Data Link layer questions.

I had several subnetting questions. They try to trick you a lot with Class B addresses using Class C subnets, with most of the answers having Class C in it. If you know your subnetting well, you should have no problems there.

I saw a lot of questions about Access Lists, including a couple on IPX access lists. There is no substitute for hands-on experience here with routers, because most questions involved the use of commands. Don’t forget the implicit "Deny All Traffic" statement! Also, know the two ways to monitor the access lists you create: "show access-lists" and "show ip interface."

There were also several questions on the router’s IOS interface itself, including how to use the help command (i.e., "?"). Also, know your keyboard combinations! And be sure you know the appearance of the router prompt for whatever configuration or command you are to enter. For example, router#(config-if) would be required what types of configuration?

Know how to identify an IPX logical address (network.node). Know how to configure the basic encapsulations on a Cisco router – "novell-ether," "sap", "snap," and "arpa." Also, know what the "ipx-maximum paths" command does!

I got the question wrong about a Cisco series 7000 or 7500 router concerning the proper syntax to setup an interface: It’s slot/adapter/port number! Don’t YOU get it wrong!

Know the "boot system" command and how it works! Know also how to use a TFTP server for both IOS images and backup configurations.

Know how to enable the "banner of the day" feature. I had two questions on that subject.

Know your WAN terminology, including the differences between DCE and DTE, and what CO, demarcation, and CPE mean.

Also, be familiar with the ISDN specification series (I, E, and Q). Know also the difference between BRI and PRI ISDN, and how the channels work.

Do you know how to display your configured DCLI’s on a frame-relay router? I do! You just type "sh frame-relay pvc." You’ll thank me, if you remember this!

Know how to configure a switch for VLANs, and know what frame tagging does!

There’s a lot more I could cover, but my poor brain has been frozen by the Minnesota weather. Plus, I still want to follow the "spirit" of Cisco’s law concerning sharing the contents of their exam. I do hope the best for you. If you do not have access to a router for the purpose of practicing, don’t even attempt this exam.

If I have helped in any way, please let me know!


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I had 70 questions, and with 90 minutes allowed for completing it. The passing score was 68% (I got a 78%). Coming from a Micro$.....
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